About Kimberley

College Professor. Graduate Student. Entrepreneur. Salsa Dancer.

These were the things I became known for in my community.

Until the day I became known for being the woman who was brutally beaten, sexually assaulted, and left for dead overnight in a wooded area just ten minutes from home.

This random, savage attack would forever change the trajectory of my life.

Drawing on my skillset as an educator, public speaker, and researcher, I will now focus on helping women build resilience to confront life’s adversities with courage.

Using my skills in videography and marketing, I will share my research findings through video messages, blogs, and online and in-person events with the goal of growing a supportive #bpositive community of women.


Kimberley Black completed a Master of Arts degree in Education through Ontario Tech University and an honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology through the University of Toronto. She has taught introductory psychology and business communications to college students and to a wider adult audience for over ten years.

Kimberley is an avid salsa dancer. She previously taught salsa from her home studio and hosted dance events in her community. Kimberley also created a video introduction service to connect people to employers, clients, and the community. You can learn more about these endeavours on the pages that follow.