Value of Peer and Self Assessment

In this lesson, you will learn to recognize the benefits of engaging in peer and self-assessment to refine your video resume script, storyboard, video communication skills, and edited video resume.

Why & How Video is Being Used in the Hiring Process

In this lesson, you will learn to recognize and assess why and how video is being used in the hiring process. You will explore the emerging trend of asynchronous video interviews and how this trend has positioned video resumes for greater acceptance.

How & Where to Post Your Videos

In this lesson, you will select and evaluate where to post and share your videos including search engines and social media platforms. You will analyse and evaluate file sharing, file hosting, and social media options.

How to Edit a Video Using Your Smartphone

In this lesson, you will learn how to produce an edited video with your smartphone using basic editing processes and integrating optional digital assets. You will review basic video editing processes using the Power Director app on a smartphone, and discover ideas on how to outsource your video editing.

Digital Technology Skills for Recording a Video

In this lesson, you will learn how to record a video using your smartphone, optimizing for high-quality lighting and sound. You will be introduced to basic video recording processes including best practices for positioning and background using smartphone applications and computer software.

How to Communicate with Confidence on Video

In this lesson, you will demonstrate elements of video communication skills by discerning and illustrating effective on-camera presence and presentation skills. You will examine why we don’t like the way we look or sound in videos and review the three distractors that impact the quality of our videos.

Video B-Roll and Simple Storyboarding

In this lesson, you will organize a storyboard integrating b-roll ideas such as images, videos, text overlays, and background music. You will produce a video storyboard, which can be used personally or by a video editor, detailing the content and flow of your video.

Formulas for Writing a Video Script

In this lesson, you will devise a video script exploring a variety of formating structures including video marketing, oral presentation, and storytelling techniques aligned to your target audience and word count timelines.

Seven Strategies to Recognize Your Value

Recognize your own value and showcase what you have to offer.

In this lesson, you will develop an evergreen document using the Seven Strategies Framework for writing a video resume script. You will learn to recognize your own value through reflecting on and itemizing your contributions and accomplishments.

A Complete Guide to Creating a Video Resume: The Job Seeker’s Demo Reel

This comprehensive 10-module course will provide you with skills to create a video resume: the job seeker’s demo reel. Whether you are looking to be hired by an employer or seeking jobs with clients, this course will teach you how to showcase your abilities and communication skills using video. Specifically, this course will help you to: 

  • recognize your own value through exploring the Seven Strategies for Writing a Video Resume Script workbook  
  • create a video resume script and storyboard incorporating digital assets such as photos and videos 
  • develop video communication skills to project confidence and professionalism on camera 
  • learn the basic process of recording, editing, and posting your video resume using your smartphone