Is There a Relationship Between Education and Resilience?

In recent videos, I shared that I completed my master’s degree at the end of 2020 and applied to a PhD program. I shared these things not to sound fancy, but simply because these endeavours have become part of my life story, which I’m writing about in a book.  The Narrative Inquiry Method Interestingly, one of my master’s supervisors shared with me that writing a life story is a form of research called narrative inquiry, so I’ve been actively reading about how we shape our identities and tell our life stories using narratives. I’m currently reading two helpful books: Narrative Inquiry by Jean Clandinin & Michael Connelly and the stories we live by by Dan McAdams. This research is helping me organize my thoughts in writing my own book.  Kicked Out of High School So, while I now have a couple of degrees, getting an education didn’t come easy for me. In fact, I was kicked out of high school for truancy two weeks before my 16th birthday.  Although truancy implies I didn’t have a good reason, I actually did have a good reason, which I’ll talk about in my book. It wasn’t until I was almost 18 years old […]

Do Resilient People Quit?

Is resilience the same thing as not quitting? Would people who don’t quit be classified as resilient people?  Recently, I was organizing the files on my computer, and I came across a document I created with notes from the book The Dip by Seth Godin. I recall reading and rereading this book – well, actually repeatedly listening to the audiobook – at a time when I was trying to decide whether or not to quit my master’s program. Why on earth was I entertaining the possibility of quitting my masters? Well, what it really came down to was that I couldn’t afford the tuition. I had already completed all of the coursework and had completed the research for my thesis – I was just beginning to write the chapters at that point. But, I didn’t have the money to pay for my tuition. So, before hunkering down to write the thesis, I had to make a decision, and the points from this book really helped.   The Dip introduces three curves we can consider when making a decision to quit an endeavour or stick it out.  One of the curves is called The Cliff. Sometimes, the only logical decision a person […]

Learning to Love Your Body

Currently, I’m reading the book Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness from the author, Rick Hanson. Under the chapter on Grit, there is a subheading about Vitality where the author addresses the relationship we have with our bodies. It reads: “If a person doesn’t like his or her body, it’s harder to take good care of it; then vitality declines, and with it, grit and resilience. We need to accept, appreciate, and nurture the body…” p. 87 I thought I’d share a bit about the new relationship I’ve had to develop with my own body, and hopefully, it will give you permission to be more accepting of your own.  I’ll discuss the elements of acceptance, appreciation, and nurturance in reverse order and relate them back to my own experiences over the past six months.  Nurture Your Body Under the subheading, Nurturing Your Body, the author starts off by stating, “Physical health is a tremendous aid to resilience, and the most consequential threat to safety are threats to the body.” p. 91 In a nutshell, ‘health is wealth’. He highlights five areas that contribute to a healthy body:  Eating a nutritious diet Getting a good night’s […]