Developing Video Communication Skills

Drawing on Kimberley’s master’s thesis research in education and her Video Resume Academy course content, Kimberley will share how to develop video communication skills.

Whether you have resisted or embraced the new “Zoom” lifestyle, you have likely encountered several challenges with your on-camera presence in self-facing videos.

  • Where should you look while recording?
  • How do you get the best lighting and sound on a budget?
  • How do you find a suitable position for your computer in order to appear professional?

Apart from managing the technical aspects of recording self-facing videos, there is also the need to communicate in an engaging way, understanding that communicating on camera requires different energy than communicating in person. In this workshop, you will learn basic best practices for recording self-facing videos and tips for communicating effectively on camera.  

Participants will come away from this workshop with basic techniques and tools they can use to develop confidence on camera and level up their video communication skills.