Interview with Lloyd Evans: Activist & Author

A highly personal interview about the consequences of being raised in a high-control, fundamentalist religion.

Whitby This Week Article (Moya Dillon) on Resilience, The Scholarship Walk, and the Livestream

May 2, 2021: ‘Why am I OK’? Whitby survivor speaks out against gender-based violence

Interview with Candace Sampson of the What She Said! Podcast

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Interview with Leslie Hughes, Personal Brand Expert

Discussion about resilience and the #bpositive campaign

Toronto Sun Article (Liz Braun) Sharing News About a Graduate Scholarship

March 14, 2021: New scholarship honours crime victim Kimberley Black

Stu Berketo of the WAVE.FM & Rob Tardik Discuss the Song, B Positive

Interview with Out of Control

Interview with Out of Control YouTube Channel

Out of Control is a YouTube channel that advocates against mind-control groups and offers a platform to share inspirational stories.

Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Unconfirmed Author

Interview with Kwesi Millington

Podcast interview with Kwesi Millington – Author, Speaker, Resilience Expert & Former RCMP Police Officer. In this episode, I share the experience of my attack and what contributed to my resilience.

Interview with Context Beyond the Headlines

(01:35 – 08:35)

Interview with Maggie John and Mark Masri.